Because your eyes deserve only the best! We offer lash extension services with Misencil products.  These are fantastic lash products  that are registered approved by Health Canada.

Why did we chose to offer lash services by using Misencil products?

Misencil's philosophy greatly reflects our own, where we RESPECT THE NATURAL LASHES. Your natural lashes will be thoroughly analyzed to ensure that they will be able to support your eyelash extensions and continue to grow naturally.

All of Misencil's eyelash extensions are hypoallergenic and synthetic. This means it does not contain chemical additives or animal material. 

* If you are worried about allergic reactions, we can offer you a patch test to see if you are eligible for lash extensions.

We've seen the horror stories of salons offering these services without having a trained technician.  Rest assured our lash technicians are properly trained and certified with Misencil.


NATURAL FULL SET                             $120 + tx

NATURAL REFILL (2-3 WEEKS)                 $50 + tx

NATURAL REFILL (4-5 WEEKS)                 $70 + tx

HYBRID FULL SET                                 $150 + tx

HYBRID REFILL (2-3 WEEKS)                    $65 + tx

HYBRID REFILL (4-5 WEEKS)                    $85 + tx

VOLUME FULL SET                                $180 + tx

VOLUME REFILL (2-3 WEEKS)                  $80 + tx 

VOLUME REFILL (4-5 WEEKS)                 $100 + tx

SET REMOVAL                                         $25 + tx


LASH LIFT                                                 $85 + tx

WITH TINT                                                                                                        

LASH LIFT                                                 $70 + tx

WITHOUT TINT                                                                                                

LASH TINT                                                 $20 + tx

WITHOUT LIFT                                                                                                 

BOTTOM LASH TINT                               + $5 + tx